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Month: November 2019

Certified Nurse Assistant Classes in Arizona

Do you live in Arizona and considering becoming a CNA? If so, you're making a good choice since CNA jobs are predicted to increase by 20% until 2020, according to the US Department of Labor, due to changes in health care reform and the population aging. Since people are living longer, the need for chronic and long-term health care is rising. After completing a CNA program, you'll have to test for certification and register with Arizona's Nurse's Aide Registry. Training Options CNA training programs in Arizona can be taken in several ways. You can attend a technical or community college which offers the program for tuition, or you may consider attendinga program offered by a nursing home, which may offer free training in return for a year of work. Some nursing homes also pay an hourly wage while training too. Call the nursing home you're interested in attending to see if they offer these benefits. Your local Red Cross Association, which is known for their excellent CNA training, may offer a CNA program and there are some online programs too. CNA Schools : Arizona Medical Training Institute for Healthcare Professionals (AMTI) in Mesa, Arizonaoffers a Nursing Assistant Program which is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. It comprises 120 hours which includes 80 hours of classroom and laboratory work, and then 40 hours of clinical training. This...

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Hit the Road With Arizona Hotels & Sights the Whole Family Will Love

Arizona. It's home to "The Valley of the Sun," the Grand Canyon, world-class golf, spas and museums. And when it comes to road-tripping, there are plenty of Arizona hotels dotting the state's cities and highways that make getting away from it all comfortable, convenient and affordable. So pile the kids into the car and hit the road – and discover all this oasis in the desert has to offer. Route 66 Arizona is home to the longest original stretch of "The Mother Road" in America – and is filled with beautiful sights, kitschy shops, great diners and friendly faces. Start your journey with an overnight stay in Williams. In the morning, drive up to Grand Canyon National Park, where you can hike one of America's most iconic areas, study ancient petroglyphs and enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors. Afterward, head to Flagstaff for the night and unwind at an Arizona hotel surrounded by the scenic beauty of this mountainous university town. The next day, visit the city's Museum of Northern Arizona, where you can learn about the land and peoples of the Colorado Plateau. Afterward, grab a bite at the 50s-style Galaxy Diner and browse the shops along Route 66 and Flagstaff's quaint downtown. In the evening, take a tour of Lowell Observatory and see the telescope used to spot Pluto. After another overnight stay in Flagstaff, take...

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Destination Weddings in Arizona

Of course there are still others who want a large fun party atmosphere. I've done them all. There are three main pros and cons to a Destination Wedding in Arizona. Cost Weather Traveling ability of guests Arizona offers one of the best kept secrets for your perfect Destination Wedding in all the United States because the location choices are so varied and there are so many choices. Your wedding ceremony can include stunning sunsets in the desert, as well as mid day gatherings in the tall pine forests tucked away in the mountains. Arizona's many State Parks are kept beautiful year round and offer Wedding Permits and reservations to make your event as stress-free as possible. Here are several suggestions you might not have considered when choosing a location for your Arizona Destination Wedding: The home of a family member or friend who lives in Arizona Your favorite restaurant in Arizona On your boat On your motorcycle On a train (See Grand Canyon Railroad in Williams) In your plane (I'm beginning to sound a little like Dr. Seuss, aren't I?) At a lake (Arizona has 41 lakes) Public historical homes (Phoenix alone has over 200) The Grand Canyon Golf Course Wedding Venues (There are 247 known golf course venues in Arizona) Arizona City Parks (Sedona alone has 7 city parks) Arizona State Parks (A choice of 30 different...

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Oh No, Moving Day Is Finally Here!

In effort to make your moving day as hassle-free as possible, I suggest preparing in advance. There are several key steps you can take, before the big day, which will help to ensure a smoother move. However depending on how you are moving-eg rental truck, professional movers, or perhaps portable storage units, will allow you to do some things slightly differently. First, if using a rental truck or a moving company, be sure to have all personal possessions, decorative items, kitchenware, and other household knickknacks boxed-up and labeled pertaining to each boxes' items and where they belong, and ready to be placed on the truck when the day finally arrives. I can't stress enough the importance of packing your household items prior to your moving day. Believe me; you will be grateful for doing this in advance. If using a portable storage unit, you can load it as you pack your items-helping to save time on the official move date. Portable storage units are beneficial and in many ways they are more advantageous than rental trucks. Keep your valuables-jewelry, silverware, delicate items, legal documents, photo albums, etc.-aside, to be moved yourself. Don't pack these items, or any other irreplaceable items, on trucks or in portable storage units. I recommend dismantling, bookshelves, tables, chairs, and other large furniture items, several days in advance. Beds that are not in use can...

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Arizona Savings Book Promotes A Vibrant Local Economy

Arizona Savings Book founder Ron Smith considers his business a perfect merger of business and charity. Ron enjoyed the job he previously held as a hydrologist for the state of California but always knew he had the entrepreneurial spirit and was just one idea away from striking out on his own. It was after being laid off while living in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California that he decided to put his ambition to the test. He was fascinated by the dining / entertainment discount books that he had seen circulating in every community in which he had lived. The business model was truly a win-win for everyone involved. Charities help sell the books so the buying incentive is raised for the consumer while the charities benefit. The start-up costs are minimal and the key to a successful start-up is getting business owners and charities interested. Most books retail for around twenty dollars and can give the buyer the potential to realize up to a thousand dollars in savings. "It was a product that I thought was a win-win-win for everyone involved. I contacted local printers to see what it would cost to print a similar book. I went to local business owners and started talking with them and I learned publishing on the computer myself. It took me about four months to put my first book together. " he...

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