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Month: September 2019

Giving Seeds What They Need In Storage

On a recent visit to the home of dear friends – a family blend of professionals, gardeners, homemaker, outdoorsman, and delightful youngsters – we brought along a package of choice vegetable seeds that I knew would be accepted with appreciation, and probably shared with several of their friends as well. My heart sank as our host retrieved a Tupperware container from a cabinet above the stove. In it were small, labeled paper envelopes containing an assortment of their cherished seeds carefully saved from the previous season. Temperatures in this cupboard that Thanksgiving Day had to have been better than 100 degrees and, in all likelihood, it must frequently have soared to well in excess of 120 as large dinners cooked and scrumptious desserts baked. Humidity levels must almost certainly have wildly fluctuated between a parched zero and a sloshy 100% as torrents of steam bathed those cabinets as well. Hot and crackling dry one day; hot and tropic-wet the next! As you might have already guessed, those are not the ideal seed storage conditions. So, how and where should they be kept to maintain vigor and viability? First, consider that only drying-tolerant seeds (those that can handle drying out; see note, below) will enter into the following discussion – nearly all common flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and a great many trees. Drying- in tolerant types like aquatics, some large-seeded...

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Breeds of Chickens

There are hundreds of chicken breeds to choose from, whether you’re looking for a pet, eggs, or meat. Choosing a chicken for your backyard flock can seem difficult, with all of the choices in beautiful exotics, excellent egg layers, and dispositions that there are. Top Egg Laying Breeds Although all chickens lay eggs, not all will lay every day from the day they are four to five months old to the age of 4 years. The trade-off with good egg layers is that they usually don’t like to sit, so fertilizing and hatching may not be possible without an incubator. These are the top layers for white eggs: Ancona – Nervous, Wild Andulasian – Flighty, can be nervous Catalina – shy, nervous Hamburg – Nervous, shy Holland – Good disposition, Friendly Lakenvelder – Beautiful breed, nervous Leghorn – Noisy, nervous, shy Minorca – Moderate disposition, can be friendly but nervous Redcap – Wild, poor disposition Top layer of brown eggs are: Australorp – Good disposition, friendly Java – Friendly, Exotic Naked Neck Turkin – Good disposition Plymouth Rock – Good disposition, friendly, docile Rhode Island – Aggressive Delaware – Good disposition Dominique – Good egg production and personality, will also brood Sussex – Good disposition, friendly Wyandotte – A favorite egg layer because of their friendliness. Best Breeds for Meat The primary goal with meat production are chickens that...

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Rolling Cash 5 – The Real Way to Pick 5-39

Rolling Cash 5 is a lottery game in the state of Ohio. It replaced the old Buckeye 5 in October of 2004. The difference between the two is the range of numbers to choose from. Rolling Cash 5 allows you to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 39. This game gives you an odd of 1 to 575,757 of winning, giving you more likelihood of winning than any other lottery game. Although winning the jackpot will not make you an instant millionaire, it is decent enough to give you a fortune. The jackpot starts at $100,000 which automatically rolls over to the next draw when not won. The jackpot prize is divided among winners with a liability limit of $1,000,000. Just like any lottery games, this is randomly drawn. However, careful analysis of previously drawn combination and simple logic will increase your probability of winning in this game of chance. Think of it this way, you are more likely to win if you bet on a pattern that occurs majority of the time. The analysis can cover the number of times in which a particular number or pair of numbers appeared in a winning combination for the last 12 months. With the data you have gathered, you can create your own combination to bet on. But before going through with the combination, you can cross check it with the...

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Copper Weathervanes – Just the Thing to Put a Finishing Touch on Your Home

You're looking to do something to your home to give it a nice, decorative finishing touch. So, you think about getting some lawn items, but none of them seem to match your personality, plus, they all look kind of cheap. You want something that screams class and sophistication, well, what fits that bill are copper weathervanes. One would be a fabulous investment. Copper weathervanes are extremely pleasing to the eye for a number of different reasons, starting with the material they are crafted from. Copper itself has a bright polished look to it that would really add to the overall appearance of any outdoor space. Over time, it will weather to a distinguished patina, something that will really set your space apart from the rest in a very beautiful, antique sort of way. The second reason why copper weathervanes are so pleasing to the eye is the fact that they are available in all sorts of eye-catching shapes and styles. This is great for you because then you can find one to nicely match your personality. For example, if you love the outdoors and animals, then you could purchase one that is in the shape of a moose, another that looks like a bear, and there are also ones in the shape of pine trees and others that look like fish and some that are even in the shape...

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Free Tattoo Removal Centers in Phoenix AZ

Demand for free tattoo removal services in Phoenix AZ is on the rise. With tattoos becoming more innovative with time, there has been a surge in innovation and tools used to permanently remove the ink. In Phoenix, tattoo removal facilities and clinics use a variety of methods, some low tech such as crèmes and other high tech such as laser. High tech centers can be costly and an alternative is to look for centers that offer tattoo erasure for free. If you want you are looking for a place to easily and permanently erase your tattoo then you might want to search in the following locations: Mesa Arcadia Chandler Southwest Scottsdale Phoenix Hill South Phoenix Valley Metro Many who have tattoos more or less want to keep them for sentimental reasons. But many others want to erase their ink for one reason or another. One reason could be that the message portrayed in the tattoo has outlived its usefulness, or the person simply want to get a white collar job and has a tattoo they think might hinder their chances. There are many different types of tattoos meaning there will naturally be a variety of means to remove them. As we mentioned earlier, this can be costly especially if one is unemployed. Because there are different types of tattoos, it is only logical that there be different methods of...

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