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Month: June 2019

Things to Do in and Around Destin, Florida

When visiting the Emerald Coast, there is no shortage of activities for the whole family. Down on the Destin Harbor you can find any kind of water activity imaginable. Whether it's hopping an evening dolphin cruise or renting jet skis to explore the Choctawhatchee Bay, there is really something for everyone. If you have a group of friends or are entertaining a bachelor party, consider a half or full day Pontoon boat rental. Spending an afternoon at the famous Crab Island is a must for every first time visitor. Crab Island is a waterfall 'island' that is knee-deep where locals and tourists gather to play water sports, sunbeat and party of course. The beaches in and around Destin are some of the most beautiful in the world. Pristine emerald waters coupled with sugary sand make for some breathtaking scenery. The Gulf waters stay warm well into October and the annual temperatures provide a comfortable setting year-round. If you're into good food and nightlife, then you will not be disappointed. Some of the best restaurants and chefs are located in Destin and along the famous 30-A. A handful of buzzing clubs are open seasonally and year-round if you're keen on putting your dancing shoes on. There are also some fabulous state parks along the coast as well as an hour or two inland. The Blackwater River is a gentle white...

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Medical Marijuana in Arizona and DUI Law

As we approach the deadline for the Arizona legislature to institute the rules for medical marijuana in the state, many are also considering the implications on other sections of their life. Medical marijuana users will be a reality very soon, and will possibly be more widespread than we might think. One issue that many medical marijuana users are not considering is driving in Arizona. Because marijuana is difficult to isolate in tests to determine intoxication, many believe that they will be able to consume marijuana and drive without repercussions. Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. Enforcement standards in the state are as high as ever, and law enforcement officers are able to detect, test for, and arrest for marijuana consumption while driving. The key ingredient in marijuana, THC, is detectable for up to thirty days with certain forms of testing. At a minimum, with saliva testing it can be detected for up to twelve hours. This means that the state will not be able to use ARS 28-1321(2) or (3) against the medical marijuana user, since the actual presence of a legal substance is clearly defined as not illegal in ARS 28-1321(4)D. However, ARS 28-1381(1) states that if a substance is present, legality notwithstanding, and the person is legally intoxicated as observed by the arresting officer, they have are still in violation. To clear this up, allow...

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