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Month: June 2018

Keep going ….. anyway.

Annette Lawrence , Palm Harbor, FL 727-420-4041 “And here in the real estate business, it is the steady and sure that endure to the end, not the fleet and flighty. But you need to know what to expect along the way. Then when the speed bumps arrive. you keep going. When you encounter a failure, you know that is not defeat…you learn and keep going anyway.”Right on target – and – re-blog! 2018! Time to reset or start the year. Inspired at the start of the year with the vision of unprecedented success. We are inspired to occupy the throne of...

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Water Main Breaks – What to Do

If your business has been flooded by a water main break, it is essential to take immediate action in order to mitigate damage and restore your normal workflow as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on how to prevent total disaster and get back on your feet. What Causes These Water Breaks? There is any number of reasons why a street's water main may break: old, worn out plumbing pipes, accident, even ground shifting or interference from tree roots. The first thing to do if you suspect any kind of problem is to call a professional plumber who specializes in repairing water main breaks: the sooner, the better. What to Do –Imediately evacuate your building and make sure that your employees are safe and accounted for, and attend to their immediate needs. –Remove those items that are most essential to your business's operations such as computer systems, equipment, and so forth. –Contact a disaster cleanup company in your area right away so that they can get to work saving and salvaging as many of your belongings as possible. –Until help arrives, try to mop up as much of the water yourself as possible so long as it has not been contaminated by sewage. Never attempt to remove water with a vacuum cleaner: mops or clean towels are best. –Open all windows to allow the air drying process to...

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Using Custom Printed Products So As to Build Your Small Business

Starting a business is one of the toughest times that anyone can go through. This is especially true when you have never tried it before. As such, you need to market your brand and take it out there so so that people can know who you are and the products that you are dealing in. There are many ways in which you can reach your target audience. Making people aware of your goods and services is one of hardest things today in today's world. However, there are many means in which you can apply so as to sensitize people about your brand. One method that is widely used today is having custom printed products. There are different types of products that you can go for in this case. You can use car air fresheners, tote bags, disposable coffee cups and even key chains. In this article, we will focus on tote bags and disposable coffee cups. Custom tote bags These are ideal for all manner of activities. They can be used for grocery shopping or even collecting materials at trade shows. These bags have got a great branding power that you should take advantage of. One of the things that have made the tote bags so famous is due to the fact that they are eco-friendly as compared to the plastic options. The bags serve so many purposes. When...

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Choosing Your Keywords Wisely

The keywords and key phrases that you choose to put into your content are critical to your success. They will make or break your business. If they are effective, the search engines will react to them in a positive manner. On the other hand, if they are not effective, you won’t make any progress at all. How to choose the most effective keywords and key phrases possible Before you even start to write any content and before you even consider which keywords to use in your content, it will probably be very helpful to analyze which keywords will work best for your content. As you are conducting your research, you will want to study how marketers are using keywords. If you learn the concepts behind the choices, you will be able to use those concepts over and over again in a very successful manner. As you are studying, you will discover that the marketers have identified trends and are able to forecast what can (and will) happen in the near future. That is very valuable information to have at your disposal. That information can enable you to have a leg up when it comes to your competitors so that you will be noticed by other people who need and want what you are offering. If you are able to do that, you will be successful. You may be wondering...

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2008 – The Year of Transformation for Downtown Phoenix

2008 looks to be the year of transformation for downtown Phoenix. Numerous active projects are scheduled this year, and their collective surfacing in the downtown core will have a profound effect. CityScape When this project began in late October 2007, RED Development Principal Michael Ebert and Barron Collier Chief Executive Paul Marinelli announced their goal was “to create a new, cohesive urban core for the city that provides day and night activities and uses for residents, tourists and conventioneers”. Once all phases are completed, this $900 million structure will include four towers with a mix of office and residential, as well as 250,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment. The wide variety of retail should appeal to the varied population of students, downtown residents, tourists and suburban residents attending downtown events. The availability of entertainment venues, conference facilities, and the addition of the 250-room Hotel Palomar will also contribute to the popularity of this downtown destination. Light Rail Completion of this 20-mile light rail line will be the crucial link to drawing outside residents, students, and tourists to the downtown core. The cost of the project is $1.4 billion dollars with an estimated completion date of August/2008. Walter Cronkite School & Taylor Place Dorms The Arizona State University is undergoing a major renovation to its downtown campus to include the new Walter Cronkite School of Journalism as well...

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